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(9/7/21) September PTA Meeting

(10/5/21) October PTA Meeting

(11/2/21) November PTA Meeting

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March 1, 2022

Location: Grant Wood Library

Date: Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Time: 6:30 p.m.


Welcome- Carrie Fuhr

Treasurer’s Report – Emily discussed current finances


Old Business: (Carrie Fuhr)

-Trivia Night-Elissa shared that the event went well. We made about 5k.  The new Emcee set up was well received.

-Valentine’s Day parties- Parties went well.

New Business-

-Vision Purchase- John went through each area of our “Target Areas” for fundraising (planting trees for shade, raised gardens beds, shaded awnings, STEAM technology). The group discussed the possibility of families purchasing trees to be planted. John will look into pricing for trees and an awning for shade in the back of the school.

-Need for Co-President, Treasurer, and Secretary for next school year

Roles were reviewed for each opening.  Co-President- works on recruitment, social media management, organizing events when their isn’t a chair

Treasurer- money management, running reports and maintenance of funds,  writing checks for stipends and reimbursements, managing budget

Secretary- takes notes for meetings and sends them out to membership, manages membership list, sends any needed emails out to membership list, send directory to new PTA members

-PTA Membership Recruitment ideas – send something during conferences, Meet and Greet for incoming kindergartener’s

-Spring Conference Crunch- sign up genius was sent out last week


-Grandparents Breakfast- Carrie will get with chairs for planning this

-Talent Show- it was decided to forgo this year

-Spring Book Fair- sign up sent around at meeting, custom book fair because last book fair was so successful and extra cash register was requested. Sign up for volunteers will go out soon. We will use scholastic dollars to purchase kids a book that don’t have the funds to purchase themselves.

-Teacher Appreciation – discussed budget for lunch for teachers during Teacher Appreciation week

-Morning with Mom

-Field Day/Walk-A-Thon

-Movie Night

-Skate Night

-Helium/Altitude Night

-Game/Open Gym Night

-Box Tops Coordinator


-Corporate/Family Sponsors

-Teacher Supply Closet – There is a need for kleenex to be sent in for the supply closet.



Principal’s Report - Principal John Cain:

Introduced new academic intervention- Brenda Farnsworth

QC Storm Hockey game is Saturday March 5th Grant Wood night. PTA will give $200 towards food for children going to the game with the Beyond the Bells program.

Conferences are next week

Spring break is the week following

Mr. Cain brought up the idea to have a sleep over night at the school.  Each child attending would need to have an adult stay with them overnight at the school.  Mr. Cain will gauge interest with teachers as there would need to be teacher volunteers for this.  If there is not interest the group discussed having an “Open Gym” night at the school instead.



Next Meeting: Tuesday, April 5, 2022